New Spod App and Integrations

SPOD has been through a lot of changes recently. It’s time to think bigger, SPOD has taken your feedback on board and we’ve made big steps forward. We’re excited to announce the release of a set of new integrations, and a new SPOD App that enables you to manage everything under the same roof.

What’s New to SPOD?

  • You can now connect with multiple points of sale, marketplaces and shop systems

  • We now have a SPOD App outside of Shopify. It will stand alone as a means to manage all your activities with SPOD. 

  • While we were at it, we also redesigned our website. Feel free to take a look while discovering the new features!

Curiosity getting the best of you already?        
Existing SPOD users get first-look access and can begin exploring right away. Access your new app and request your password right here.

SPOD’s New Integrations

The Route to Amazon, Etsy and eBay

With great excitement, we can announce that you are now able to sell through Amazon, Etsy, eBay and plenty of other marketplaces and shop systems. We opened this door through an integration with Order Desk, a third-party management tool that synchronizes with SPOD. 

Efficient, affordable and cheaper than Shopify, Order Desk will enable you to build an individual path to these major e-commerce players while centralizing your orders and management.

Get more info on the Order Desk integration.


New Shop Systems Ready-to-Use

WooCommerce and Magento also join the ranks of SPOD integrations. The addition of these two great e-commerce references now gives you the ability to build your online business with open source tools. WooCommerce is the largest e-commerce platform available, whereas Magento boasts one of the most robust feature lists on the market.

Explore the integration with WooCommerce.
Explore the integration with Magento.


A Bespoke Connection to SPOD

For those looking for a tailored solution, we are thrilled to present the SPOD API. This fully customizable option gives you the ability to create an online store precisely how you wish. Working with RESTful architecture structure, we provide an API that is as easy to use as possible with the right technical know-how.

Learn more about the SPOD API integration.


Manage All Your Points of Sale in One Place with the SPOD App

Now that new integration possibilities are available and you can combine several options, the SPOD App comes into play. This stand-alone application is designed to make it easy to manage all of these points of sale in one place. 



A centralized dashboard allows you to monitor order and sales performance data for each store and for your business as a whole. You have intelligence on each channel to act quickly if needed but you can also plan your global strategy, your seasonality, or even evaluate your long-term profitability.

Release BP All Orders

Managing collections across multiple integrations has obvious challenges. With the new SPOD App, it becomes simple to move products from one to the other, to copy your catalog and to succinctly manage products across all platforms.


And one of the best bits, it’s free.

SPOD’s Future Plans

Critique from our merchants helped build our roadmap and got us to where we are now. And we’re not done yet! For starters, we aim to add more integrations to the list we already have. We’re also working on making it possible for you to create products that are globally available without forcing them into two platforms.

And for those that want to keep it simple with one point of sale? There’s more good things coming too. New printing techniques, increased integration possibilities and a wider assortment are all on the horizon. 

We’re looking forward to hearing your first impressions and hopes for your future with us. 

Access the SPOD App here