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Print-on-Demand Your Way with SPOD API

Automate your fulfillment process with our RESTful API


You’re in Control with SPOD API

Unlock SPOD’s print-on-demand features and stay in charge of exactly how you build your online business. Create products and fulfill orders via SPOD API.

Best suited for
Tech-savvy and developers
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Our API Capabilities

  • Make the most of a seamless connection to SPOD’s system

  • Work with RESTful’s flexible architecture structure

  • Use a JSON-responsive, lightweight and uncomplicated integration

  • Design products with SPOD and send them to your store

API Basics

What is an API Integration?

An API is an Application Programming Interface. APIs are used by developers to allow two systems to talk to each other. In our case, it enables your business to connect with the SPOD system to manage products, submit orders and get them fulfilled.

Who is this for?

APIs are perfect for tailored websites, software and platforms. They enable users to build a customized business model while still connecting to SPOD. Synchronizing through this method requires technical know-how, or consultation with a programmer or developer.

How to Connect

Follow the steps to use SPOD API

API integration on the SPOD app
  • 1
    Learn everything you need to know about our API
  • 2
    Sign up with SPOD and get our RESTful API
  • 3
    Develop your side of the integration
    You decide what happens and control your user journey.
  • Synchronize your system with SPOD
    We print and ship your custom items!

Why SPOD is the Right POD Provider for You

48-Hour Production Time

With facilities in Europe and the US, SPOD’s delivery times are one of the fastest on the market.

Best Quality-to-Price Ratio

Balancing the price and quality is important to us - our low complaint rate of <1% speaks for itself.

Outstanding Customer Support

At SPOD, we pride ourselves in doing what’s expected, unexpectedly well. Including customer service.

No Compromise on Quality Products

SPOD’s carefully curated selection is always improving to keep up with an ever-changing market.

Easy to Start, Use and Grow

We make it easy to get started with your POD business and we support your ambitions to grow.

Almost 20 Years’ Experience

SPOD was brought to life by Spreadshirt, one of the world’s leaders in on-demand printing.

Easy to use. Quick and efficient. I would definitely recommend this app for anyone. The pricing is always reasonable.

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