Black Tee vs. White Tee: Choose Wisely

Black vs White T-Shirt

“Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are pliable.” Mark Twain

It’s the age-old question (not really): which sells better, a white shirt or a black shirt? Spreadshirt recently did some studies to determine which product is more popular. Spanning two different seasons and a number of different counties, the results are as follows:

  • Black tees are the clear favorites, taking up to 84% of the share of sales between black and white in the United States.
  • Black T-shirt sales increase in the colder months
  • White T-shirt sales increase in the warmer months
  • The trend of seasonal influence is more pronounced with women’s T-shirts
  • Europe shows more movement in the seasonal trends than the U.S.
  • Women in France actually buy more white T-shirts in the spring/summer than black T-shirts (this is the only country/season combination where white T-shirts sell more than black)

What should you do with this information? For starters, it can help you determine your target group’s preferred t-shirt color. To be clear, you don’t always have to roll with one particular color option; rather, you can change it up based on the season.

You should also rely on your shop sales. While our data may say one thing, it was sourced from a wide array of consumers. You’ll be dealing with a more targeted group, and their preferences may contradict the data listed above.