SPOD Europe Has Arrived


There’s a new (print-on-demand) kid in town. With SPOD Europe, you can start selling in Europe with faster and cheaper shipping rates, a specialized product range and world-class production facilities.

About SPOD Europe


SPOD is a part of the Spread Group family, a collection of global print-on-demand enterprises. SPOD’s services now extend to Europe, so you can connect to our European production facilities in Germany, Poland and Czechia.

With over 20 years of experience in the print-on-demand industry, we know our stuff. That’s why production capacities and customer service are increased by up to 400% for the holiday season.

The SPOD Europe difference

SPOD Europe offers numerous market-specific benefits, and a few key differences from the United States, including a different product range. While our premium collection is the same in both places, other products vary in size, style and color. You can explore the European assortment here.

All European orders will be shipped in white label packaging, with no branding from Spread Group. Additionally, our shipping carriers (DHL and Deutsche Post) offer the most reliable services in Europe. You should also note, our European facilities are closed for local holidays and weekends.

Our customer service is composed of two different teams that work closely with the production team. If you need to contact them, you can use the order feedback in the app or contact them directly via service-eu@spod.com.

Get started with SPOD Europe


To get started with SPOD Europe, you’ll need to install the SPOD app. Follow the onboarding prompts, then connect your SPOD account to the United States or Europe. Whichever location you choose will be permanent and unchangeable.

The product range for the relevant destination will be automatically connected, so you can order a sample and experience our speed and quality for yourself.

Make sure your payment details are added and that you’ve followed the onboarding for Sales Tax (US) or VAT (EU). To receive customer orders, sync your products to your Shopify store or place orders manually through the Shopify Order Admin page.

Lastly, you should know…

  • If you uninstall SPOD, all of the products will remain in Shopify. If you reinstall SPOD, the products won’t connect again.
  • You cannot install SPOD twice in one Shopify store, you need two separate Shopify stores.
  • Generally, it’s best to have one store for the United States and one store for Europe.
  • We do not ship from our European facilities to NO, CH, AU or NZ.

 We hope you love SPOD Europe! As we’re growing, we’re also learning. Please let us know how we can continue to grow and make SPOD Europe the best that it can be.