Be Amazing and Help Your Community

Do you want to make new business connections while doing good?

You’re in luck! We want to inspire you to pick one small business in your community that needs help. It could be your go-to coffee shop down the street, a favorite restaurant or even your hair salon—the sky is the limit!

As a SPOD merchant, you’ve got an eye for design and e-commerce like nobody else. While many small businesses are selling gift cards to stay afloat, some might be interested in learning more about the e-commerce world to help them survive the COVID-19 crisis.

Step #1: Choose a small business and make contact.

Step #2: Help the business of your choice by setting up social media profiles.

With social media, a business can keep in-touch with their customers. Social media can also be used to create video tutorials, market merchandise, advertise services, and can help businesses find new customers!

For example, do you miss your local barista? Same here. If you’re helping a coffee shop, you could create a tutorial for social media about how to make the perfect latte at home! This can help strengthen brand loyalty and bring people together (virtually, of course).

Step #3: Assist in creating an online Shopify store for them.

As a SPOD merchant, you’re well versed in e-commerce. While many small businesses have temporarily shut their brick and mortar locations, they might still have some services and products available.

For example, you could help a small business create an online shop to sell their specialty coffee for local pick up or drop off. And while you are there add some print-on-demand merchandise into their store to generate some more revenue. An e-commerce shop might be a temporary solution to get through these difficult times, or could outlast the COVID-19 crisis and become a successful stream of income for the business.

Regardless, bring a local business you love online and share it with the rest of the world.

We’re looking forward to seeing what you create, and would love to hear some success stories from you. Keep your chin up and keep doing good!