Why You Should Use Custom Photography


Taking personal photos of your products is inexpensive and worthwhile. Using custom photos to emphasize your brand identity can really push your sales forward. Take a look at three reasons why you should embrace personal photography: 

1. Leads to more enticing listing imagery.

2. Provides product images for social media. 

3. Provides evergreen content for social media. 

Top tips:

If you have returning customers that love your brand, just ask them for a photo with your product. You can also ask them to tag you on social media with any relevant photos. Setting up a photoshoot doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and if you have a good quality camera, the photos can be taken with ease. 

For example, if you have a BBQ brand, why not order a sample product from SPOD and take some photos around a smoker? If you live near a beach or you’re going on holiday, take a product with you and shoot a bunch of photos that will resonate with customers during the summer months. If you have Photoshop skills or have a resource for editing, you can also edit your latest designs on and recycle images taken during the photoshoot. 

Social media advertisements convert a lot better when the customer can really imagine themselves in the situation that you’re conveying. We made all of this is made possible (and cheaper) for you with a discount on your samples orders. We’re always trying to support our merchants’ business growth in as many ways as possible.