Unwrap Joy: Last-Minute Gifts for the Holiday Season

It may still be November, but Santa’s already knocking on the door of your Spreadshop. Now’s the time to add the perfect gifts for everyone to your product range and ramp up your marketing for last-minute orders. We’ve put together the ultimate guide to Christmas gifts to suit every budget – and eternal last-minute shoppers!


Classic white (EU or NA), bold black (EU or NA) or two-toned with colorful contrasts on handle and rim (EU or NA) – mugs make a handy gift and smart canvas for personalized designs. Our mugs are all 100% ceramic, with a capacity of 325 ml / 11 fl oz to hold a generous serving of tea or coffee.

The ideal target audience
Mugs are perfect for your customers’ closest loved ones, like their parents or siblings.

Marvelous designs for mugs
Design ideas like “Best Mom/Dad/Brother/Sister” are sure to delight your fans’ beloved family members long after the decorations have been put away. Niche topics and designs based on hobbies and interests are another great idea.

The two-toned mug in white with a black handle is the biggest bestseller in our mug range. The classic white mug is ideal for fans of clean, stripped-back design. Meanwhile, the black mug is a bold and beautiful gift for those who love to stand out.


They may come in different shapes and sizes, but our plush dog (EU or NA) and teddy bear (EU or NA) are both incredibly plush.

The ideal target audience
Of course, soft toys make the perfect gift for kids. But dogs and teddy bears are a wonderful treat for beloved pets and people with a taste for the cute and cuddly.

Super designs for soft toys
These products are ideal for personalizing with initials or ideas like “Top Niece” or ”Favorite Nephew”. Lovely winter landscapes and designs featuring Santa and friends also make great T-shirt motifs for teddy bears and perfect pups.


Give the gift of personalized pillows this holiday with a cute throw pillow cover (EU or NA). Made from 100% smooth cotton twill, they’re the perfect way to customize your comfiest cushions.

The ideal target audience
Pillows covers make perfect presents for people who love decorating their home. They’re also great for kids and anyone with a big, comfy sofa.

Perfect designs for pillows
Available in a variety of different colors and measuring 45 x 45 cm / 17.5 x 17.5 inches, our throw pillow cover offers a vast canvas for quotes and festive greetings. Panoramic prints of winter landscapes, experimental designs and classic holiday motifs look great on pillows, too.


Bags always come in handy. We stock a broad selection, suitable for all kinds of different uses. Have a browse and find a design that fits your friends and family’s lifestyles.

Our organic wee pouch (EU) or hemp carry-all pouch (NA) is ideal for cosmetics, stationery and art supplies – or as a handy multipurpose bag.

Made from 100% sustainably sourced cotton, our eco-friendly tote (EU or NA) is a present that cares for the planet, too.

The ideal target audience
With the wide range of products available, there’s a good chance everyone will find something they like. People who tend to carry smaller objects will enjoy our little organic pouch. Tote bags make perfect all-purpose presents for everyone.

Brilliant designs for bags
When it comes to bags, you’re entering a world of unlimited possibilities. Of course, size is a factor worth considering, but in principle, anything goes. Feel free to let your creativity run wild.


A versatile choice: classic stickers (EU or NA) and car stickers (EU or NA) for bumpers or rear windows make the perfect quick little gift.

Both products are easily removable, durable and waterproof vinyl stickers which have an outline cut. They can also be removed from most surfaces without leaving a mark within three years.

The ideal target audience
These products make the perfect present for drivers and creative, opinionated sticker fans alike. Classic stickers are great for wrapping holiday gifts, too.

Swish designs for stickers
Once again, your creativity knows (virtually) no bounds here. You’re free to play with pretty much any of the festive themes mentioned above. Of course, car stickers make an excellent showcase for lettering – while classic stickers can keep it simple with a statement image.

Order deadlines

Last but not least: remember your customers need to order their products early enough to ensure their gifts make it under the tree in time. You’ll find all the latest info on order deadlines, stock and our current capacity on our EU Holiday Support Page or NA Holiday Support Page. This helps you keep your customers informed and remind them of the very latest dates when they can place last-minute orders.

Take advantage of the busiest time of year for sales and shopping and inspire your customers with last-minute gift ideas.