Top 9 Apps and Services to Optimize your Shopify Store

Top 10 Apps

As with any business, investment and continued improvement is needed to keep reaching higher revenue and profit levels. It is no different for your Shopify store. Time spent in the SPOD app and your Shopify backend will lead to results, but spending time working on other parts of your store can reap huge rewards. See our list below of our Top 9 Shopify apps to start your 2020 off in the right direction.

1. Placeit – Additional mockups

This external service provides thousands of mock ups for products that can be sold via SPOD. There are tonnes of specific mock-ups are available to match your exact nice.

Say for example you have a store that caters for the outdoor / adventure niche, here you can find mocks ups for apparel with people standing in forest or other outdoor environments. Allowing your customers to see the product in the environment in which they will be using it will increase the conversion rate, and make your store look much more appealing.

2. Langify – Multiple stores languages

Translating your store into different languages is again another way of reaching more customers. Is your store targeted to people in the US? Then adding a Spanish language option to your store could open up a new consumer market. Do you have a Canadian store? Then you can use Langify to add a French option to your store.

3. Instafeed – Instagram feed on your website

Is there content on your Instagram feed that is relevant to your store, such as customers posting photos of your products? Show your Social Proof by adding your Instagram feed to your website with this easy to use app.

4. Reconvert Upsell and Cross Sell – Maximize checkout value

Upsells and cross sells are a fantastic way of increasing the amount of revenue for your store, from your existing customers. Setting up offers that can be taken advantage of in the checkout process can increase your stores sales.

5. SEO Image Optimizer – Adding images to search engines

Have you ever seen how websites products come up in search engines image results? That’s because the images have been SEO optimized. Running your store and increasing the sales is all about reaching out to as many potential customers as possible. By improving the SEO of your images means opening up search engines image results as a potential new route for customers to visit your store.

6. Upwork– Hire a virtual assistant

Is your store becoming too much to handle on your own? First of all, congratulations, this is one step towards running a very successful shop. But to get there you need to free your time up from those daily tasks that don’t need to be taken care of by the founder, and driving force behind the store.

This doesn’t mean you need to take on a full-time employee for your store, you can hire a VA for 1 or 2 hours a day. Hire yourself a VA on a part-time basis to take care of those repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Maximizing the value of your time will result in maximizing the potential of your store. 

Check out this handy guide from Shopify on hiring a VA.

7. Klaviyo – E-mail marketing

Have you managed to generate an e-mail list that you can generate sales from? Whilst it can take time to build up, these lists can be a very profitable resource for your store. When you release a product, let your loyal following know about it and generate some immediate sales. The same can be said for running sales on special occasions. The weeks running up to a specific holiday you can announce a sale or a discount on a specific collection, or send out a ‘end of line stock must go’ campaign on certain designs. The possibilities are endless when it comes to e-mail marketing.

8. Groovejar – Lead capture

Have you just read the point above on e-mail marketing and thought I could really do with starting or increasing my e-mail list? Well Groovejar is a fantastic way of doing this. With up 8 different places to choose from to try and capture email addresses in your store, this is a must do to build a potentially extremely profitable e-mail list for your store.

9. Loox - Photo Reviews

Nothing is better than seeing a real photo of a customer having a great time with your products. Setting up Loox photo reviews allows other customers to see products being used and enjoyed in real life, another fantastic way of increasing Social Proof for your store.

We hope you took from some value from our list of apps and service to use for your store. Feel free to let us know of other apps or resources that are helping you run your store. To your success in 2020!