Spruce Up Your Store for Christmas 2020


The holiday season is the busiest time of year for e-commerce. Get your piece of the pumpkin pie this year by filling your store with products that make great gifts. Your customers will be on the lookout for unique items to gift their loved ones.

Want your products to really stand out? Then let your customers personalize them! Customization adds a personal and thoughtful touch to any Christmas gift.  Let your customers add names, photos or images to your products and they’re sure to create something special.

Here are our top picks for this year’s holiday season. Add these products to your assortment and you’re sure to help your customers cross some names off their Christmas shopping list.

The SPOD Gift Guide 

The Classics


  • Apron: a mouth-watering gift for foodies, cake-bakers, grill-masters, and grandmas everywhere
  • Mugs: think office workers, coffee lovers, or matching mugs for happy couples


New Additions


  • Socks: Socks just got awesome. We’ll be releasing custom printable socks just in time for Christmas. Normally, socks are a pretty yawn-worthy present—until you print your brother’s face or your pet cat on them. Sure to get a laugh out of any gift recipient.
  • Drawstring Bags: a versatile gift item for adults as a gym bag or for everyday basics, these bags are also a great pick for kids as a lunch bag, ballet class bag, or to carry their favorite toys to the playground.


Something for Everyone


  • Best Friends: personalized matching T-shirts are a popular pick for BFFs. Whether it’s customized with names or an inside joke, there are trendy picks for any pair. Try adding the Knotted Tee, Cropped Tee and Cropped Hoodie to your assortment for the fashion-conscious gift shopper.
  • Sportswear: our athletic collection is ready to play ball. Perfect for the teammates, sports fans, and marathon runners of the world.


Tiny Tots


  • Baby outfits: an adorable baby bodysuit is a great gift option for the newest additions to the family, and also makes a sweet gift for new mamas and papas.
  • Kids’ Hoodies: For older kids and teens, a cuddly hoodie is a warm, wintery pick for a personalized Christmas present. Our Customizer is full of kid-friendly designs.

So what are you waiting for? With these fresh ideas, your store can be stocked up and ready for the Christmas rush. Good luck with your holiday business!