A Product Display Makes the Customers Pay

product display is key for conversion

Have you ever seen those extravagant product displays in supermarkets or retail stores? While you may have learned to ignore these elaborate exhibits, they’ve actually proven to be incredibly effective when it comes to selling a particular product. 

“Display advertising and the movies, though they may dull the wits, certainly stimulate the eyes.”  –  *John Dos Passos, novelist*

Well, much like these traditional brick and mortar stores, you’ll want to optimize your product displays for your website. These displays don’t only showcase the product; they’ll also provide all the information customers need to make a purchase. Besides being informative, they’ll also help to entice customers to buy. This is why these stores devote so much time, effort, and money to building these displays. Product displays generally include the following: -Product images and/or video -Product description -Product categories/sorting -Top-notch aesthetics (for both the display and the store) -A seamless, intuitive checkout process -Discount/promotion display Remember that a pricier product generally requires a more extensive display (check out our section on “perceived value” for more information). When creating your product display, make sure you’ve already decided what direction you want to roll with (will you use video or photos? Will the display be interactive?). Furthermore, rely on any research tools to understand the best ways to zero in on your target audience.