How SPOD Rocks Your Holiday Rush

The festive season is undoubtedly the busiest season of the year for many industries, and print-on-demand is no exception. But unlike many other sectors, POD doesn’t only sell and ship products, it also needs to take care of production. To ensure this runs smoothly, SPOD needs to push the sleigh into 5th gear and pay our elves overtime. 

Here’s how we’re making sure your online shop glides through the festive season as smoothly as possible. 


Christmas comes early. Really early.

While most people are enjoying their summer vacation, we’re already thinking about Christmas. For certain lines such as the Spreadshirt Premium Collection, we begin placing orders for your Christmas stock in June. We do this to allow enough time for the ordering of raw cotton, knitting, dying, cutting, sewing and all the other tiny steps that go into creating the product you will sell to your customers. (And yes, thinking about Christmas during summer holidays does mean we get Christmas songs stuck in our heads all year round. The things we do for you.)



We recruit some extra elves

We bolster our forces every year to keep up with the higher production and customer service demands around the holidays. We recruited 12 more production professionals this year in our Leipzig facility alone, which is by far the smallest of all our European factories. Many hands make light work!



Our fleet is way faster than reindeer

We have way more giant printers than you would ever care to know about. Most of the time, they’re not all in use. Over the holidays, though, everything is switched on and running in overdrive to churn out your orders and get them to your customers way faster than Rudolph and his team could hope to. (Yeah Santa, we see your 9 flying reindeer and we raise you 16 Kornit Atlas Printers, 8 Kornit Avalanche Systems, 3 Kornit PolyPro for Polyester printing, 22 brand new GTX600 Brother printers, and another 38 Brother GTX4 printers.)


In all, we are kitted out to print ca. 35,000 products with Digital Direct per day in the EU and about 11,000 items per day in North America. So if your products are selling like hotcakes this season - we can handle it! To put that into perspective, SPOD alone sends out around 50,000 T-shirts in December. That works out as 3,000 on a busy day.


Thanks to all this careful preparation, Spread Group is able to ship to your customers in 170 countries during the winter months

If you’re already selling with SPOD, you can rest assured that we can handle your holiday rush. Otherwise, sign up for SPOD and know that you’ll be in safe hands next Christmas!