How SPOD Rocks the Holiday Rush


During the Christmas season, SPOD needs to plan for a whopping 300% increase in our production capacity to keep up with all that holiday shopping. We hope that you plan to market your products as great Christmas gifts and that you’ll notice a spike in your Store’s sales as the holidays approach.

So how is SPOD going to make sure that the rush goes smoothly? It’s all about careful preparation. We’ve already brought on extra staff in our facilities and made sure that they’re trained and ready to process your Christmas orders error-free.

“Quality and customer satisfaction have top priority at Spreadshirt.Hanne Dinkel, Spreadshirt’s Chief Customer Delivery Officer


We’ve also recently invested $10 million in upgrading and expanding our fleet of super-printers to improve print quality and production speed. Our new printers are absolutely state-of-the-art and unmatched in the industry.

So never fear—together we’ll make sure that your Store sails through the Christmas rush triumphantly. Stay tuned for the shipping deadlines and be sure to communicate them to your customers so that their gifts arrive under the tree before Christmas morning!