How to Avoid Abandoned Carts

Let’s take a moment to reflect on your sales over the last months. Reflection doesn’t necessarily mean taking everything apart and starting again, it could simply be a case of tightening some loose screws to streamline your customers’ shopping experience. One common issue businesses face in the jungle of online shopping is the dreaded “abandoned cart.”

What is an abandoned cart?

Abandoned carts are a common hurdle in online business that often lead to losing a potential customer. Think about those visitors that filled their online basket with your products but then didn’t go through with their purchase: their unpurchased items are referred to as an abandoned cart.

Why do shoppers abandon carts?  

An abandoned cart can happen for any number of reasons and it’s often difficult to decipher exactly what caused it. Luckily for us, this subject has been thoroughly researched. Some of the main reasons a shopper may abandon their cart are: unexpected prices at checkout, forced account creation or security concerns.


How can I decrease abandoned carts?

Good news. There’s plenty of ways in which you can decrease abandoned carts. Here are some tried-and-tested strategies:

  • Use abandoned cart emails
    Many shoppers need a small nudge to complete their purchase. A quick email may be the perfect reminder to tempt them to convert.

  • Make sure your “Calls to Action” are clear
    Are you making every step of the shopping process obvious to the shopper? Make it clear when items are added to the cart and bring full attention to your checkout buttons.

  • Include different options for delivery
    Some customers want their items ASAP. Some want to pay as little as possible for delivery. Include options to keep everyone happy.

  • Use uncomplicated checkout forms
    Think about how easy it is to buy from Amazon. It just takes a couple clicks and you’re there. Your checkout should be as simple as possible.

  • Include a ‘guest’ checkout option
    As mentioned before, it puts people off when they have to make an account. Consider a guest option to help people check out faster.

What’s the easiest way to set up abandoned cart emails?

Automate them with reminder emails! Most website builders offer this feature. If not, then there are many plugins or apps available to create automated emails. You can find out how to set up email reminders for your customers here:

What should my abandoned cart email include?

You should make your abandoned cart emails personalized to your store. They should convey your personality and mirror your brand. But if you still don’t have any inspiration, here’s a few ideas from SPOD:

The formal option:

Subject: Items left in your basket


Your cart wasn’t empty when you left STORE NAME so we saved the contents for you. Simply click the link below to complete your order. Or you are welcome to contact us with any questions about our product.

This is what is left in your cart: 


Call to action: Continue Shopping

The funny option:

Subject: Don’t forget about us!


Your cart still has some goodies in it. Need a little retail therapy today? 

Here’s what’s you picked out: 


Call to action: Complete Your Order

The offer option:

Subject: 10% off to help you decide


We noticed that you left some goodies in your cart. Need help making up your mind?

Here’s 10% off when you complete your purchase. 


Call to action: Use My Coupon Code

When creating your abandoned cart email, always remember:

  • To always show what was left in the basket
  • Give them an easy “Call to Action” to click which will send them back to their basket
  • Consider offering an incentive
  • Adding social proof from your Instagram, Facebook or TikTok may persuade customers to buy
  • Use a snappy subject line

Feel free to use any of our sample emails. Play around with them and make them your own or just use them as they are.

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