How to Prepare for Christmas 2022

We’ve put together all the essential information and updates you’ll need for the Christmas rush on our Holiday Support Hub and created a little to-do list to prepare your business for a successful holiday season.

Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also the busiest and most profitable time for e-commerce merchants like you. SPOD is here to support our merchants throughout the peak season. Because we’re expecting a large increase of orders, we’ve stocked up on products from our suppliers. Rest assured, we’re prepared for the rush and making sure we can easily communicate with you if there are any changes. The Holiday Support Hub will keep you up-to-date.

What do you need to do to prepare? These tips should help you brace yourself for the holly-jolly holiday rush.

Your Holiday Preparation To-Do List:

1. Get familiar with the Holiday Support Hub

The Holiday Support Hub will be your information hub for all things Christmas. Check it out and you’ll find updates about the holiday order deadlines, production status and delay notifications, as well as updates on stock and sold out products. You’ll also find helpful guides to support you through this busy season and answers to FAQs. This page will be your best friend as you steer your business through the happy chaos of Christmas.



2. Communicate order deadlines for Christmas delivery

If your customers are doing their Christmas shopping in your online store, they will be eager for their gifts to arrive in time for Christmas Eve. Not to mention that one family member who always leaves their shopping until the last minute.

So be sure you communicate the order cutoff dates clearly and repeatedly to your customers this year. Orders made by the cutoff dates will arrive by Christmas, so they can wait patiently underneath the tree and be opened on Christmas morning.

Find out what the current order deadlines are here. Please keep in mind that unforeseen circumstances can still lead to shipping delays. We will always communicate changes on the Support Hub and in our SPOD Facebook community group.

3. Bookmark the Holiday Support Hub & check back for updates

The Holiday Support Hub will always have the latest information about any changes regarding stock, shipping or deadlines, so check back regularly!

When you check the app, you’ll also notice a banner which will be there throughout the holiday season. This will indicate the current production status, which may differ for Europe and North America. We’ll notify you of any major changes via e-mail and the Facebook Community as well.

4. Check and approve your orders often

Christmas is the busiest time of the year at SPOD’s production sites. To keep our production running smoothly and help your customers receive their purchases quickly, make sure you approve their orders as soon as possible once they are received. That way, their Christmas goodies can be produced and sent on their way without any hiccups. Check whether you’ve selected manual order approval on your host platform, and if so, be sure to keep your orders rolling through—your customers will thank you!

Wishing you a merry and successful season!

Check out the The Holiday Support Hub here.