Holiday Preparations 2020

spod peak season preparations

The holidays are one of the happiest (and most profitable) times of the year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re expecting this Christmas season to be more complicated than usual. Are you ready to get your store in shape for the holidays?

How SPOD is preparing

We want to see our Merchants succeed, so we’ve taken extra precautions this year. To start, we’ve hired more staff for all of our production sites. To keep them safe, we’ve increased sanitation and hygiene rules.

Because we’re expecting an increase of orders by about 300%, we’ve stocked up on products from our suppliers. Lastly, we’re preparing for all possible scenarios and making sure we can easily communicate with you if there are any changes.

Click HERE to find all current information on order deadlines and stock updates.

Shipping carriers will not guarantee delivery dates

While an increase in online shopping can boost your sales, it can also complicate shipping times. Due to the unpredictability of the pandemic, carriers are not providing any delivery date guarantees this year.

In order to make this easier on our Merchants and their customers, we’ve created order deadlines that give you buffer time in case there are delays. You can find this in our FAQ or in the app.

Place all orders by the deadlines 

Our order deadlines are designed to give you buffer time in case there are delays. We recommend you get orders in ASAP and pay special attention to Cyber Week (November 26th—December 2nd). An order needs to be approved, paid for and in stock before the order deadline.

Finally, be mindful that things can change. While we’ve done our best to make sure your customers can get their orders, shipping delays may still happen.

Check the daily updates in the app 

While we’ve ordered extra stock to account for possible disruptions in the global supply chain, order intake is expected to be unpredictable this year. We’ll be letting you know if anything changes regarding stock, shipping or deadlines in the app and FAQ.

When you check the app, you’ll also notice a banner which will be there throughout the holiday season. This will be either green, yellow or red depending on the current state of things (kind of like a traffic light). The status for Europe and North America can be different. Obviously, we’ll notify you of any major changes via e-mail as well.

Next steps for Merchants 

  • Check order deadlines and stock updates, you can see them HERE.
  • Communicate order deadlines to your customers
  • Visit our FAQ on production status and stock updates,
  • Familiarize yourself with daily updates in the app

Because this year has been unpredictable, we hope our holiday preparation gives you a little bit of reassurance. We hope you have the most successful holiday season!