Don’t Go in Blind. Order a Sample!

Ordering a sample is key

You know what niche you’re going to be appealing to, and you have an idea of what products you’re going to sell. Well, before you get started, we recommend ordering a sample to see the finished product for yourself! It’s not only important to give the product a thorough inspection (which will include looking at the fabric, the quality of the design, etc.). It's also important to order a sample will allow you to follow the same path as your customer; specifically, you’ll experience the same ordering process and delivery times. This will help you write precise, accurate product descriptions. 

“If you aren’t taking a representative sample, you won’t get a representative snapshot.”  –  Nate Silver, statistician

Samples also provide an excellent photo opportunity, as pictures of these products can adorn your website. You can also use the sample as a give-away. Every product created with SPOD can be ordered as a sample. When registering to the SPOD App, you get a coupon up to 20% off on every samples you order.  You can access your sample orders via the left-hand menu of your SPOD App area or right here.