Celebrate 33 days of sales for SPOD’s 3rd birthday!

SPOD turns 3 on September 20th! 3 years ago, our team was about to release our first Beta version of SPOD in the US. Thank you to our community of merchants who have joined us on this adventure. We love being part of your success story!

To show our appreciation, we are offering 15% off our products in the US for 33 days: from September 7th to October 9th, 2021.

How can I use this special sale to my advantage?

It may still seem like a long way off, but the holiday rush is approaching faster than you think. Passing on the savings to your customers now as an “end of season” or “beat the holiday rush” sale will make them more likely to return to your store for their holiday shopping. In general, sales and discounts are a great way to broaden your reach and increase your order volume. Learn more about how you can earn more by offering promos here. New to SPOD? Get started today and offer your customers discounted prices to celebrate your grand opening.

The end-of-summer transition is a great time to put your marketing and selling strategies to the test. Use social media to your advantage. Get helpful tips for selling on Facebook and Instagram, as well as heaps of other useful selling advice on our blog.

This special sale is the excuse you’ve been waiting for to tweak your designs and experiment with new ideas. Make sure your store is at its best for the holiday gift shopping season. Not sure where to start? Check out SPOD’s free design library for some inspiration or check out which search terms are trending now.

What should I do next?

Check out the complete list of discounted products here!
Seize the opportunity and act fast: you’ve got 33 days to cut your prices, play with your designs, and get the word out. This season, make it your mission to increase your visibility and gain some new, happy customers who will want to come back for more. Tap into your community, expand your audience and make sure they will think of you when it’s time for them to start their holiday shopping! 

15% off for 33 days: Here are the details

Our US assortment will be offered at 15% off for the duration of the sale, Sept 7-Oct 9, 2021, with the exception of these 16 products here (none of which are bestsellers). 

The discounted prices will apply to all orders via SPOD US: standard and samples. Prices will automatically change on September 7, and will revert to your standard prices at the end of the campaign. 

Have a look at our discounted assortment and launch your promo campaign today!