Brainstorm Before You Design

Brainstorming for designs

Here comes the fun part. You’ve picked your subject, you’ve focused on your target audience, and you’ve established what products you’re going to sell. Now, it’s time to start on the designs. Before you put pen to paper, you’ll want to brainstorm numerous design ideas. Initially, these ideas don’t have to be all that specific; they can be broad and focused on any major keywords or characteristics. You can then start evolving these individual ideas, including how they’d look on specific products. 

“When you are stuck, walk away from the computer and draw. It will teach you how to see.”  –  *Gerard Huerta, graphic designer*

If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out some major print-on-demand marketplaces (including This doesn’t mean you should be blatantly stealing ideas; rather, you can see how sellers elaborated on a simple subject to make a unique design. Then, once you’ve definitively figured out your design(s), it’s time to start sketching. Don’t forget to take your time throughout this process; customers will be more enticed by high-quality designs that a high-quantity of designs.