Athletes: Use Your NIL to Slam-Dunk Your Merch Game

What is NIL?

Are you a student athlete? Ready to turn your talent on the field into extra earnings? Get ready to capitalize on your NIL: your name, image and likeness. (Sounds like something you should have the right to use for yourself, doesn’t it?)

Why are new NIL laws a game changer for college athletes?

Until now, college athletes in the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) haven’t have the same rights as professional athletes. They haven’t been allowed to endorse products or accept sponsorship deals because their NIL has been tied to their team. However, new NIL legislation is being enacted that will finally allow them the right to earn compensation and brand themselves just like the pros do.

These laws are shifting in favor of athletes – so it’s time to get prepared. Athletes should be thinking about how to sell themselves, how selling custom apparel can help them up their game, and how they want to share their story with the world. The new NIL laws will give athletes the opportunity to own their name and image. And monetize them!

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What can athletes do with their NIL?

Having the rights to your name, image, and likeness is crucial for professional or would-be professional athletes. But what does that really mean?

Whether a student athlete wants to do commercials for a chain restaurant, model a brand’s clothing on Instagram in a sponsored post, or create their own clothing lines and sell it to their fans: these are all things college athletes currently aren’t legally permitted do.

Under the new laws, creating custom products featuring your NIL will finally become possible. Find out which products SPOD has in our assortment – everything from hoodies to water bottles are ready to be branded with your unique NIL and printed on demand for your fans.

A numbers game

College athletes don’t get paid. They may be getting their tuition covered, but playing a sport is still a full-time job. A 2014 study by the National Labor Relations Board showed that players at major college football programs spent “40 to 50 hours per week on [football] duties during the three-or four-month football season.”

Name Image Likeness laws will finally give these students a way to make extra money through their sport and start owning and building their professional image before they make the big time. Considering just under 2% players of college football players actually make it to the NFL, this would give students more opportunities to market themselves and attract interest from teams and recruiters.

Playing on a recognized college team just isn’t enough anymore. Athletes need to find ways to use their image to their advantage and use social media, merchandise, and other advertising opportunities to get noticed.


How SPOD Can Help Athletes Score Extra Earnings

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